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Si Philbrook

Fly Posters Will Be Prosecuted


muslim students with rucksacks

will not be sat next to on trains,


young blacks will be stopped

and searched,


children will be driven to school

in fourbyfours,


gays will be beaten

and jews will be spat at,


men will fuck whoever they can

and lie to their wives,


politicians will smile

and kiss babies,


the homeless will die on the streets

when the weather turns,


prostitutes will take crack

and executives will take cocaine,


targets on CO2 emissions

will be talked about,


footballers will get away with rape

and drunk driving,


mcdonalds will sell burgers

and starbucks will sell coffee,


fly posters

will be prosecuted,


this is england

have a nice day.

Si (Simon) Philbrook was born on the 27th February 1966 in Brighton. He worked for twenty years in the care field, for people with autism and Down's Syndrome. He has been published in print in ETC, Heroin Love Songs, The Alabaster & Mercury Journal, Copeland Books Love Poems Collection, Poetry Monthly and The Brighton Evening Argus. He has been published online in LIT UP Magazine, Gloom Cupboard, Cherry Picked Hands, Eviscerator Heaven and Litmocracy. He has performed his poetry "Horseplay" and Hammer & Tongue poetry slam both in Brighton. His favourite poet is Langston Hughes. He is confused as to why anyone would ever vote Tory!

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