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Roger Ettenfield

Party Conference Song


That song sounds familiar

just run it by me again,

words playing with ambiguity,

so cat-and-mouse.


Notes twist, turn, circle

and keep us guessing,

U turns are begging

listeners to reverse belief.


A chorus of excuses

for difficult questions,

an insistent beat marching time

into uncertain philosophies.


Yes, I know it well,

it’s called Politics

and its melody is arranged

by a conscience with a limp.


Versed in a language

that will protect mistakes,

the message that remains

is to hoodwink the electorate.


Voters are fooled by the showmanship.

The cause of nearly all woes

is the stupendous capacity

for believing the incredible.

Roger Ettenfield was born in 1961 in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Lived and worked throughout the UK and the world, in various, random jobs, before settling

on a career in English teaching, inevitably. Currently residing in Panama. His first publication was on
The Recusant, in 2019.

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