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Rogan Wolf

Day Nought

(Friday 8th May 2015)



We wake to fangs and lowered eyes

and a few new

sound-bites for breakfast.

Davie.orc sees true

that five more years

of effing tories

call for a sugary word

or two to sweeten the toad

of his venomous victory.

“Talk ‘fairness’ chaps,” he glows

to his new cabinet.

“Sound all nice again.”

Round the corner, IDS

slides his tongue between his lips

and heads for a door marked

“Poor People”

his sack replete

with instruments of hurt.

“Now go to work,” whispers Davie.orc

“All those promises we made

have to be paid

for, gottit ?

Make it neat, ok ?

And discrete, ok ?

But each finely dressed

Tory dinner-guest

needs a return

for filling our purse

so fatly. Let us show

ample gratitude

for that selfless support.

Off you go, dear IDS

and stop at naught.”

Rogan Wolf runs a project called “Poems for…” which supplies online poem-posters for public display, free of charge. The poems go mostly to schools, but also to hospital waiting rooms, libraries, etc. There are over 200 of the poems these days, half of them bilingual, with 50 languages represented. The project has been funded by the Arts Council and the NHS, among others. See Wolf recently translated a long Turkish poem of lament and protest at the killing of Palestinian children in Gaza, called Gazze Risalesi which in English translates as Despatches to my Gazan Son. It will be published later this year in Turkey alongside the Turkish original by its author, the poet Cahit Koytak. In the meantime you can listen to it here on Youtube : Wolf's website: www.roganwolfcom

Poor Doors
Sheriff Stars

thistles stretch their prickly arms afar

Black Triangle
bedroom tax
Disrupt and Upset
bedroom tax
Sheriff Stars

thistles stretch their prickly arms afar

Black Triangle
Disrupt and Upset

Militant Thistles

prickling the politics of "permanent austerity"

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