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Robert Ilson

Time Capsule


“What have we here ?”  “It’s called a ‘ Freedom Pass ’.”

“A What pass ?”  “Freedom.”  “What was that ‘Freedom’, then?”

“It got you there and back – and maybe further.”

“A Vagabond’s Licence !”  “You could call it that.”

“Anything else ?” “Well, there’s a plastic card.”

“A credit card, of course !”  “No, not exactly.

It is – let’s see – it is a Library Card.”

“Did bookstores really issue cards in those days?”

“No, Captain : ‘Libraries’ were places where

You borrowed books, read them, and then returned them

For other folk to borrow.” “Ah : one of those crazy

Recycling schemes fanatics used to like!

So that’s that.”  “Not quite, Sir : there’s something more.”

“Go on.”  “It seems to be an NHS Card.”

“NHS.  NHS.  Hang on ; I’ve got it!

That stands for ‘National Homeland Security’:

The guy who buried this stuff was a spy!

You got books out of what was called a ‘Library’

To suss the suspect out you were surveilling,

Then used your ‘ Freedom Pass ’ to hunt him down!

That explains everything !  Elementary!”

“Except …”  “Except ?”  “Except the strangest part :

This Time Capsule’s shaped like a human heart.”

Robert Ilson is a writer, editor, language teacher, and lexicographer doomed at last to wake a poet (as Samuel Johnson was “a poet doomed at last to wake a lexicographer”).

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