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Patricia Furstenberg

Revolution And Poetry


That day it rained
With bullets and tears
With stones and fear
Brother against sister
Chests bare
Lips dare
I was there.

That day we yelled
Words that killed
Songs that freed
Truths willed
Teeth bare
Fists dare
You were there.


That day they failed,
We stood unafraid.
Kill the revolution
They raged.
Revolution is poetry,
We sang.
Revolution and poetry.

Born in Romania in 1972, novelist and poet Patricia Furstenberg has a degree in Dentistry and is the author of 18 books including Dreamland: Banat, Crişana, Maramureş, Transylvania, 100-Word Stories (2022), Transylvania’s History A to Z (2021), Silent Heroes (2019) – chosen “One of the Five Books Everyone Should Read in Their Lifetime”, Joyful Trouble (2017) . Patricia Furstenberg’s writing focuses on people, on how history surprised them, and on the footprints they left, memories that should not be forgotten. She lives in South Africa with her family.

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