Neill Fawcett

McDonald’s Scene


A man with a free meal

bought by a fucking liberal.


‘I ain’t hurtin’ no one.’


Limp fries crammed in,

whole face a weak




‘I ain’t hurtin’ no one.’


The Law led him out

by a filthy elbow.

Led him and his ragged burger

out to the snow.


‘I ain’t hurtin’ no one’,

he said, to the deaf gleaming glass.

Adult eyes went blind.


Kids saw.


He crunched across the parking lot.

A truck fired up.

Fumes bloomed the air,

cloaking curious eyes.

Cafe lunch


Halloumi with drizzled leaves

and artisan bread.


We drone bomb abroad

blast Pakistani peasants


and are aghast at the nerve

of foreign agents here.


My dog sleeps in oblivious bliss.


How can we be happy?


Look up.


it’s raining.





Fine the Fuckers


What are you doing in this city

on the floor

in a door

in the way

with your dog?


There are better places

to sit on your arse.

Go south,

to the suburbs.

They’ve got cricket pavilions

and fuckin’ millions.

Neil Fawcett was born in Stockport in 1962. His poetry moves freely between the political to the personal. Fawcett spent many years as a teacher and now spends his time writing in a damp shed, looking after his family or wandering aimlessly around Greece. His recent work is influenced by the great Greek Communist poet Yiannis Ritsos, and he's working on a collection that reflects this influence. Fawcett has been widely published in magazines, online and in poetry anthologies. He has also been well placed and won a number of poetry competitions.


Radio 4 prattles on

about British bombers abroad

and their sterling work above

shaking homes in Syria

and their amen bombs

from Saudi to Yemen.

Prattles on about anti-Semite socialists

and the draining of swamps.

What's gone wrong?

Auntie's knickers are in a terrible twist

tangling views

strangling truths.

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