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Naomi Foyle

Fracking Brexit



They voted against

the deal, and they voted

against no deal, then

they voted against

the amendments

that would have prevented

no deal. They voted against

extending the deadline, they voted

against a customs union,

they voted against

a cross-party motion

and then, when it came to

the Irish back door,

they rallied and roared

and voted for

‘alternative arrangements’

everyone knew that

there weren’t.

Still the votes came,

more and more every week:

the planet was burning,

homeless folk dying,

food bank queues growing,

the NHS shrinking,

yet still they voted

and voted and voted,

like a gloating boatful

of note-tabling scrotes

sinking into

a vortex of votes . . .

Oh how we wished

we could laugh

at the joke,

but they refused to vote

on a People’s Vote.

When the children marched

to demand a future

hope grabbed its coat

to vote with young feet,

and a single voice

soared in the streets.

Naomi Foyle is the author of five science fiction novels and three poetry collections: The Night Pavilion and The World Cup, both from Waterloo Press, and Adamantine (Pighog Press, 2019). For her poetry and essays about Ukraine she was awarded the 2014 Hryhorii Skovoroda Prize, named after the itinerant nineteenth century philosopher, poet and hedgerow educator.

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