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Mona Mehas

Slow Koolaid


Poison hearts and minds against the other

Laws and speeches, spilling hate in caucus

Elections held meant to represent us

Crowds in streets, demanding rights to gather.


Uncomfortable questions in the night

Poison hearts and minds against the other

I have not lost a son, daughter, brother,

A victim of the dark and endless fight.


Bearing our fists, we’re all part of the One

Respect, honor; we’re from the same Mother

Poison hearts and minds against the other

Will kill us all, the spoils going to none.


On the news, basic human rights, smothered

Clueless, ignorant drink the slow Koolaid

Laced with red berry-squeezed deadly nightshade

Poison hearts and minds against the other.

Mona Mehas was born in May 1955. She writes about growing up poor, accumulating grief, and climate change. A retired, disabled teacher in Noblesville, Indiana, USA, she’s at her laptop most days with two old cats as chaperones. Previously, she used the pseudonym Patience Young. She’s published in Loft Books, Last Stanza Poetry Journal, Words & Whispers, Grim and Gilded, and others. 'Slow Koolaid' is written in viator style invented by the late prolific British poet Robin Skelton.

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