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Mick Moss

Mick Moss is 62 and lives in Liverpool UK. His poetry has been published internationally in print and online: PK Poetry List (featured poet), Poetry Super-Highway (poet of the month), Here and Now (ed. Allan Irtz), The Worm, The Liverpool Poets 08 compilation, Transparent Words and Poets on Poetry. His poem 'If Wordsworth Had a Mobile Phone' is used as part of an Open University literature course. Moss was asked by the makers of Wright's Coal Tar Soap if they could include his piece 'It Could Have Been Me' in their history archive. He has run creative writing workshops all over Merseyside since 2001, including The Poetry in Practice Project in the waiting rooms at Castlefield Medical Centre.

And Yes, our servants could have read it if we had them

        but we didn't

We laughed at such absurdities

but raged when they locked up Mick and Keef

who would break a butterfly on a wheel?

The News of the World with no news

but vicars and tarts, prurient

         where Oz never was

yet still they slammed it

the small minded blinded Mary Shitehouses

of this scandalized post Profumo island

where the pavements of Grosvenor Square

were splattered with teenage blood

         where Queer was a dirty word

where a young milk snatcher rubbed her dry cunt

dreaming of Maynard Keynes and the power

she would one day wield

          in Middle England

where a nouveau-riche phoney middle class

sold votes for loadsa money and the right to buy

          their council hovels

where joy riders ripped up the night

and raved ecstatically until the Public Order Act

repossessed the right to dance

Until WE had had enough of things never getting better

          and got THEM out

only to find we've swapped the same old thing

          for a brand new drag

and the 'special relationship' dragged us into

yet another pointless war

Meanwhile Headmasters fake results

for pupils playing Nintendo in class

where English is reduced to CU L8R

tapped out between votes for this weeks pop stars

         And I'm Still Howling

at wounds festering

under a Karma Suture

Poor Doors
Sheriff Stars

thistles stretch their prickly arms afar

Black Triangle
bedroom tax
Disrupt and Upset

Still Howling - the next Generation

                                  (inspired by Ginsberg)


I saw the not particularly bright minds of my generation

driven to obscurity

red brick Mickey Mouse degrees promised us

interesting world changing careers

but all we got were mortgages

          interest rising

Thrust expectantly from the womb of a post-war

black and white, still rationed, once great nation

that shared its greatness if you were born from the right stock

         but we were not

From one room to baby boom, suburbia,

Bevin's babies with national reassurance

blue collars stained white by the new blue whiteness

         of copy-writers' lies

forged in the white heat of technology

gadgets in the ideal home

         for the nuclear family

Our optimism shattered by Cuban missiles

and a man on the grassy knoll

While bombs rained down from LBJ

mothers running screaming napalmed

        Buddhist monk barbecue

Charlie's brains blown out for the camera

boil in the bag convenience TV tea time

        bland horrors daily

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh and Che washed up

in a Bolivian bath house

while Mao Tse Tung said - change must come

through the barrel of a gun

Terence Conran made shopping fun

        as our habitat degraded

buy now, pay later, must have, have not

pot bellied, fly blown black babies starved

still - we had the Beatles

        Yeah, yeah, yeah

born with plastic spoons in our mouths

substitute fabric for the modern world

moulded multi-coloured

scream in your grave Henry Ford

any colour as long as it's black can sit in the back

         too much it's a magic bus

They taught us Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen

but not Ken Kesey, too merry a prankster he

for their sensibilities incensed by DH Lawrence.

bedroom tax
Sheriff Stars

thistles stretch their prickly arms afar

Black Triangle
Disrupt and Upset

Militant Thistles

prickling the politics of "permanent austerity"

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