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Kevin N. Jelf

Iain Duncan Smith


Do you see yourself as

some kind of superman

in blue Lycra pants;

come to save the Blue Bloods

from the welfare spongers?


It seems you're on a mission

to help those we thought too sick

back into gainful employment.

They're not so disabled;

or so mentally ill.


There's a zero hours contract

awaiting every one of them;

and a compassionate corporation

willing to pay the minimum wage.

Never mind those, who in desperation,


make the ultimate sacrifice.

At least they won't be making further demands

on your poor, impoverished, government.

And what of the wilfully unemployed?

Perpetual scroungers you say?


Sanctions will sort them out;

no need for handouts

when there's food-banks aplenty.

But just a second there Iain,

that S on your chest  stands for Smith


If I'm not very much mistaken.

And as Superman looses all strength

in the presence of green Kryptonite

I can only hope that you loose power

in the glow of Red Corbynite!

Kevin N. Jelf is a 51 year old graphic artist who has lived and worked all his life in Birmingham. For Kevin, writing poetry is something of a compulsion. His subject matter ranges from the personal to the topical. He has previously been published in The Cannon's Mouth Quarterly, Here Comes Everyone and The Angry Manifesto. His work has also been seen on The Open Mouse, The Recusant, and Poetry 24. His other passions in life are photography and music.

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