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Kevin Saving

Boris Ozymandias


I've gazed upon your works and, yes, despaired

O World King -for miles they scar the land-

and read how a great people were prepared

to bow their heads, kowtow at your command

or build great palaces they never shared.

There's so much else I do not understand:

how -even as you made your country poor

with Profiteering- you could shift the blame;

take refuge in another, senseless, war

or decimate the aged with no shame;

or shout "More Cake!" -then pass another law

that "More" means "Less" then laugh (as at some game).

No "Libertarian", more "Libertine."

no whitewash, now, can ever rinse you clean.

Kevin Saving was born and still lives in the Home Counties market town of Winslow. He has worked in the caring professions all his adult life and trained as a psychiatric nurse at the University of Northampton. Two poetry chapbooks, A Brand of Day (1994), and Rough Bearings (2005), an ebook Miracle and Mirage (Caparison, 2010), and a full collection, A Want of Absence (Lapwing Publications, 2017). His work has been published in such diverse outlets as Poetry Express, The Independent on Sunday, Krax, Poetry Review and by The Happenstance press. His poem, 'Dog Otter', won third prize in the 2006 National Poetry Competition. Saving has published critical pieces and review on The Recusant, Ink Sweat & Tears, and London Grip. 

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