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Kate Jay-R



A tower on fire as lives expire

Needlessly lost and burned

And the powers that be, chant endlessly

That lessons have to been learned


Systemic discrimination of half the nation

An outraged public spurned

Still what comes out from their collective spout

Is lessons have to be learned


Fatal decisions from top positions

A salary never honestly earned

Still the thing we hear buzzing in our ear

Is lessons still have to be learned


Planet in crisis as we roll the dice

Is there time for it to be overturned

Or an eerie cry across a toxic sky

Of lessons should have been learned


The warning signs and the anodyne

True feeling and meaning adjourned

Hiding behind, the empty line

Of lessons still need to be learned.

Kate Jay-R is an author and has written extensively. Her novel The Other Side Of Carrie Cornish was inspired by her personal struggles with the benefits system, and her own experience with long term mental and physical health problems and those of others. She has been campaigning online against changes to welfare changes since 2010. She prefers to call it Social Security even though she regards that as a misnomer, as it’s more like social insecurity these days. She wrote another novella related to the benefits system over twenty years ago entitled Lost The Plot which was published in an avant-garde magazine Texts Bones published by Skrev Press. As well as writing many novels she has written short stories, some of which have been shortlisted for awards. She also writes poetry and co-edited The Brown Envelope Book with Alan Morrison in 2021. Her poem ‘Lessons’ was published in The Morning Star in November 2021. She set up the Facebook group Nothing4Something nearly a decade ago for disabled artists and those with long term health problems.  The group is now called Don’t Go Breaking Our Arts where members share their poetry, writing, satire, art and photography. Kate also loves music, singing, cats, LFC, genealogy and photography, not necessarily in that order.

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