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from Coronaworld


we go to

our friend David’s funeral

in a cemetery north of Barrhead


there are more than

the authorised number of mourners

but everyone thinks what the hell

we’re going to say farewell

whether they like it or not


death goes on regardless

of parliamentary decrees

panicky proclamations


people spaced well apart

except for the close family

who cling to each other

as real as can be


a mound of earth

beneath a tarpaulin


what a moment

it is to die


we drop roses

into the open grave


they fall out of sight

they’re probably still



there’s a hint of sun

and sometimes rain



Graham Fulton was born on 8/1/1959 in Hampton, England. A poet based in Paisley in Scotland, Fulton has had 17 collections produced in by many publishers including Polygon, Red Squirrel Press, Smokestack Books, Pindrop Press, Penniless Press, Salmon Poetry. A new collection is due from Smokestack later this year. These poems are from a large sequence of 180 poems called Coronaworld written over a twelve week period during and after the lock down.

someone made a quick film

of a young roe deer

with its cute horns

at the junction of

Buchanan Street

Bath Street

at six in the morning


nothing else awake

except a landing pigeon

and the worker who saw it

from the doorway

of Sainsbury’s


it probably came

from the Necropolis

about three quarters

of a mile away

to see what’s happening

with the human race


city of the dead

city of the living


it’s listening

outside a Rolex shop

but it’s not wearing a watch

and doesn’t have any money

to buy one


it’s a wonderful world

it isn’t afraid


I wouldn’t hang around

for too long little deer


run all the way

home to the gravestones


the two-legs

are coming back

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Graham Fulton

bedroom tax
Sheriff Stars

thistles stretch their prickly arms afar

Black Triangle
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prickling the politics of "permanent austerity"

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