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Declan Geraghty

Sharks Came Swimming from the Right


The waves are dotted with different colours when the sun hits

and that can depend from your perspective

they came like dolphins at first

they seemed to promise things

water shot out fountains

basking on warm balmy waters

but the water sudded


and they began swimming around us in circles

and the white foamy water began to turn red

as we screamed and shouted for mercy from the poverty

and a frenzy began

and the bills got bigger

and the rent

and Varadkar said

everyone that works is middle class

does that include the little fish

on a tenner an hour

and Varadkar said

he’s for the people who get up early in the morning

code for the big fish to frenzy more on the small

code for hating the poor

the unemployed

and the sea ran redder

and there was nothing left

not even our blood

but they still kept feeding

they still kept taking.

Declan Geraghty is a writer and poet from Dublin. Born in Dublin 14/08/1980. He’s had poetry published in The Brown Envelope Book, Visions 2020 and Cry of The Poor. He’s had short stories feature in the anthologies From the Plough to the Stars, Dublin in The Coming Times, Home Boys Home, Land of the Ever Young, The Flying Superhero Clothes Horse and Mustang Bally. He has poetry online published with Culture matters UK and flash fiction published with Epoque Press. His latest publication entitled Brigid was edited by Declan Burke and features in the Knock and enter collection.

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