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David Subacchi

More For Less


In the end, when they’d given up

On delayering

And customer charters,

When they’d exhausted

Flattening the pyramid

And 360 degree appraisals.


When they’d squeezed dry

The orange of goodwill,

Until only hollow,

Slimy skin remained

To soften

Their trembling fists,


They brought them down

With a sickening crash

On the rickety table,

Making the crockery

Jump, tinkle and crack,

Then fall broken to the floor.


‘More for less’

They screamed

‘We want

More for less

Just more

For less!’

David Subacchi lives in Wales, where he was born of Italian roots. He studied at the University of Liverpool and has four published collections of his English language poetry and one in Welsh.

Give Us Our Trains Back


Give us our trains back,

Renationalize the lot,

Don’t forget the track,

We want everything they’ve got


And please don’t pay

Loads of compensation,

They owe us a packet

For all their disruption.


They had an easy ride,

But they made an awful mess,

Give us our trains back,

We want nothing less.


All the stations,

Signal boxes as well

And the ticket sellers

That work in ticket hell.


Give us our trains back,

From Lands’ End to John O’Groats

And don’t give them away again

For the sake of Tory votes!

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