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Andrea Wyatt

Argue, Rage, Put Down the Sports Page

People believe the big lie                                                        

Because although all of us tell the small, trivial, trifling and stupid lies

Only a few of us have the nerve to tell the big one, the expansive, complicated,

Heart-stopping, world changing big one that lands us in mental hospitals, jail,

the palace or the white house—


Ivy lee, father of modern pr, graduated Princeton in 1898

Became a reporter but didn’t like the late hours and low pay—

Competition was selfish, he said, big business mergers were christian, he said,

Government and big business should work together—


In 1914, nine thousand ludlow coal miners struck against the Rockefeller-owned

Colorado fuel and iron company, refused to work for $1.68-a-day

The colorado national guard fired on them—

Women and children died in the pit they hid in,

Suffocated when a fire swept through—

53 strikers and their families slain—

Oh, no, said john d. Through his mouthpiece ivy lee, it was not me—

If you want to believe in fairytales

The x-men is a better story than genesis

If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one

If you don’t like gays and blacks, get over yourself

This is the real reality show—

Go out on the street and riot

Be part of it—go out on the street and riot!

Andrea Wyatt has written three books of poetry and has co-edited several books, including The Brooklyn Reader. She works in the maintenance division of the National Park Service in Washington, DC.

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